Reiki, pronounced ray key, means ‘universal life force energy’ and is an amazingly effective and wonderful hands-on ancient healing system.
Seichem, pronounced say keem, also has its roots way back in our history and is reputedly one of the healing arts practiced in ancient Egypt.
Reiki & Seichem used together is a powerful system of healing that helps to release any blockages in the body and accelerates the healing process and is used by many people all over the world.

What happens during a Reiki & Seichem treatment?

A healing treatment is usually very relaxing and can be an opportunity for emotional release, a chance to talk, or you may simply fall asleep. I work in your aura, the electro-magnetic field that surrounds the body, on many levels and during a treatment (1 hour) you remain fully clothed and may feel a pleasant sensation of warmth, coolness, tingling and deep relaxation – to falling asleep.

It takes a few days for the energies to be assimilated. During this time you may feel revitalised or temporarily a little worse, a good sign that you are releasing the cause of your symptoms. Everyone’s reaction is different and no two healing treatments are the same.

£60/ 60 mins