Most of my professional working career has been in the financial sector of the City of London, which can be a very demanding and stressful environment, hence my interest in holistic therapies that alleviate stress.  I always felt so energised and uplifted after a treatment and this fired my interest in all things ‘alternative’ and by the 90’s I attended my first Reiki workshop, although my thirst for knowledge led me to the study other therapies as well!

I noticed that whilst treating the body, clients would often open up and talk about problems that were holding them back and this got me interested in mind therapies which led me to life coaching as another the way forward.  A life coach supports clients in making choices, providing a framework and support mechanism to set clear objectives for the future.

In June 2003, I exprienced a Pyramid Soul Meditation inside a 7ft x 7ft pyramid adorned with copper, crystals and magnets and was so impressed that I bought my own.  You can experience and benefit from this truly magical therapy as it stimulates your chi, cleanses the chakras and works on all levels. 

Today, I run my own healing workshops and teach the Reiki & Seichem healing system, Egyptian Cartouche and an Introduction to Crystal & Chakra Balancing for beginners.  I am a qualified Life Coach and Therapist (by appointment only) and can offer a range of therapies that work on your mind, body and spirit to treat the ‘whole’ person. 

Say goodbye to bad days and discover real solutions from stressful living to what is holding you back. Please contact me to plan your very own personal development and health plan.