Reiki & Seichem healing, crystal & chakra balancing and cord cutting (if required) can get to the hub of a problem and help you to let go of the past by releasing negative emotions and blocks that are holding you back.

Each chakra stores information that can provide Intuitive insight and pinpoint where we are ‘stuck’ or ‘lending’ energy to another person, belief or idea. Heartbreak, separation, divorce, bereavement, financial loss or poor career decisions can impair our immune system, leaving us feeling vulnerable and in need of restoration.

When we release negative hurt, this helps to open-up the all-important heart chakra, restoring nourishment and vitality to empower us and improve our self-esteem.

With self-knowledge and a renewed understanding of purpose, we integrate and become responsible for our own well-being and happiness and this leads to a better understanding of who we are.

£60/ 60 mins