Reiki and Seichem healing and the Egyptian Cartouche workshops are accredited by the Reiki and Seichem Association (RASA), who represents professional healing practitioners and Master teacher members throughout the UK. RASA provide standardised attunement procedures, taught by RASA Masters, who will only conduct attunements on a face-to-face basis. RASA Masters can prove their lineage back to Mikao Usui and Kathleen Milner thus ensuring the quality of energy transferred. You will receive your diploma on the day of training, which is a fully insurable certificate, and on completion you can join RASA.

  • Workshop venue: Honor Oak Park, London, SE23 (10 mins from London Bridge and Canada Water Overground);
  • Included in price: Manual, Certificate and a cleansing Soul Therapy (Pyramid SoulMeditation) under a 7ft x 7ft crystal encrusted pyramid);
  • Snacks and refreshments provided throughout the day so bring your own lunch;
  • Duration: 10:00am – 5:30pm (unless otherwise stated) and small or one-to-one classes;
  • A special discount of 10% is applied if you and a friend wish to book and attend together.


REIKI AND SEICHEM is a natural, holistic and safe system of healing, even for babies, pregnant woman, the elderly and after surgery. Reiki and Seichem can help us to move through the blockages that prevent our lives from flowing as they should. The energies enhance and empower our natural ability to heal ourselves.


If you would like to ‘fine tune’ your psychic development, learn a new skill and have a magical day then the EGYPTIAN CARTOUCHE workshop is for you. The Egyptian Cartouche Courseis a very popular healing course for beginners, for personal development and also for those who have already trained in Reiki or Seichem healing. There are two levels, the Egyptian Cartouche course for personal development and the Egyptian Cartouche Mastery Teaching Level (for those who have attained Reiki and Seichem Master Teaching Level).


Crystals are magical and mysterious and can amplify thought processes, facilitate healing and transmit energy and love. Each crystal has its own unique entity, vibration and frequency and you will be drawn to the one you need to work with to open and balance the chakras for optimum healing. The CRYSTAL AND CHAKRA BALANCING introductory workshop, although not accredited, will give you a solid basis to use crystals and pendulums to effectively access deeper healing for yourself and others and will enhance and work alongside other healing modalities.


Reiki and Seichem Level 1 Course in London
Reiki and Seichem Level 2 Practitioner Courses in London
Reiki and Seichem Levels 1 & 2 Practitioner Courses in London
Reiki and Seichem Level 3 Master Practitioner Course in London
Reiki and Seichem Level 3 Master Teacher Course in London
Egyptian Cartouche Practitioner workshop in London
Egyptian Cartouche Mastery workshop in London
Crystal & Chakra Balancing workshop in London

Please contact [email protected] to organise your one-to-one course date or for further information.